“Carlo’s respectable family will raise his profile”

A new name joins the discussion about the pregnancy of Alejandra Rubioalthough it was only a matter of time. Edmundo Arrocet has given an interview in which he has mercilessly lashed out at his ex’s granddaughter, María Teresa Campos. In his words, the young woman “has succumbed to the easy life” by embarking on motherhood with Charles Costanzason of Sea Flowers.

The comedian hopes that Terelu Campos’ daughter “reacts”although he is not surprised that the young woman sold the exclusive of her pregnancy in a succulent interview that was not paid for. “Terelu and Carmen have made selling their lives a way of life. I don’t think they would advise Alejandra to stop doing it,” he said.

Arrocet has mentioned the young woman’s studieswho has tried several different courses, including Fashion and Law, but has never completed any of them. This topic has also been much discussed recently due to the alleged lack of maturity of Carmen Borrego’s niece.

“Teresita wanted Alejandra to study. She was proud of Carmencita because she studied Law”said the comedian, who believes that starting a life with the Italian actor could put her in a better place.

“Carlo’s family is very respectable and I think that associating with that family will give Alejandra cachet”he said, stating that he has “a lot of affection” for the collaborator of This is life“I hope that everything goes well for her with the son of a real Italian count, Carlo Costanzia di Costigliore, not like other fake counts who appear on television beating up famous people,” she said.

The comedian has also announced the legal actions he could take if Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego do not return the loans he made to his former partner: ““I will legally claim from his heirs the money I lent him.”