This Tuesday it was published that the brother of Jaime de Marichalar He and his family had been evicted from their Madrid home and had even threatened the owner of the home. A day later, the uncle of Victoria Federica y froilan He has sent a statement clarifying what, according to him, happened.

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“After the latest information released regarding his person, Mr. Ignacio de Marichalar wants to clarify that the transfer of the family home had already been planned for a long time, having reached an agreement with the property,” says his legal team in a note released .

In this sense, they add that they reached an agreement with the owner of the house to leave the house: “In this agreement, Mr. Marichalar informed the owner of his intention to leave the house three months in advance, agreeing to use the deposited guarantee upon signing the contract as an advance payment of the rent”.

Therefore, he explains that he has not breached any point and that he does not understand the reaction of the owner: “Mr. Marichalar wants to emphasize that he has not failed to comply with his contractual obligation at any time, which is why he was astonished when he received the lawsuit for non-payment filed by the property, thus breaching the aforementioned agreement”.

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At the same time, he alleges that he tried to seek an amicable solution without success: “Finally, Mr. Marichalar wants to make it clear that, despite not owing any monthly rent, the owner of the house has preferred to reject any type of amicable solution, causing social harm to the image of Don Ignacio de Marichalar”.