Iceta: “If Rubiales’ resignation had been earlier we would have all saved ourselves some problems”


The acting Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, positively assessed the resignation of Luis Rubiales as president of the RFEF this Monday, although he did not hide that “everyone” would have “saved some problems if it had been earlier”, while he opined that They consider that “the most sensible option” now would be to call elections in the federation next year, with new assembly members already elected.

“Everyone decides their times and their ways, but I believe that yesterday, Sunday, a decision was made that many people were waiting for, there was a real social clamor and also in the structures of sport and Spanish football itself. Surely if it had occurred earlier we would “We would all have saved some problems,” Iceta admitted to the media after attending the presentation of the ‘2022 Observatory of piracy and digital content consumption habits’.

For the politician, this whole matter “has launched an unstoppable wave of defense of women’s rights and demands for respect for female athletes.” “And now we all say ‘It’s over’ with María Jiménez and, indeed, it’s over,” he stressed, mentioning the song by the recently deceased Seville artist and the hashtag that was created after the statement from the national team’s soccer players.

Regarding the deadlines to follow now in the RFEF, he recalled that it is something that “the Federation itself has to decide” and that if they called elections “immediately”, the same assembly members who were in the previous Extraordinary General Assembly on August 25 would vote. .

“While if it is done in the first months of next year, we would have to proceed to the election of new representatives and, probably, this is the most sensible option. But we will listen to what President Pedro Rocha has to say and we will accompany that process which, without a doubt, must be marked by what Pedro Rocha himself said about a profound restructuring of the RFEF,” he pointed out.

Iceta also made it clear that he “does not” believe that this fact has caused irreparable damage, especially for the 2030 World Cup bid. “There is irreparable damage, fortunately very few in life, and this, of course, we are already repairing.” “he warned.

The minister considers “the resignation itself” of the former president of the RFEF “as a notable reparation for the damage caused” and that “at an international level there was a lot of repercussion” with the kiss on Jenni Hermoso, and that “it is also having a very important repercussion” Rubiales’ decision to resign.

In this sense, Miquel Iceta stressed that they have been “working for many days with international organizations so that this Spanish candidacy along with Portugal, Morocco and Ukraine is not harmed.”