Doña Letizia, back to school: her sailor look and that centennial ponytail

September and beginning of the course. The Queen’s first trip this week and first event on the agenda. Mrs. Letizia attended the opening of the CEIP Plurilingüe do Camiño Inglés classrooms, in the A Coruña town of Sigüeiro-Oroso. The event began this morning of Monday the 11th and, due to the dense fog, the plane in which she was traveling did not land in A Coruña, as planned, but in Santiago de Compostela. She publishes it The Galician Mail.

This is one of the Queen’s most beloved acts. She loves children, she connects very well with them and she really likes to chat, asking them about their daily life at school. She squats to be eye level with her and she also knows how to encourage conversation.

The CEIP Plurilingüe coruñés do Camiño Inglés de Educación Infantil y Primaria, who has received it Innovagal award to educational innovation, has been chosen to represent the start of the 2023-2024 academic year. During her visit, she was accompanied by Pilar Alegría, acting Minister of Education.

For this visit, Letizia has chosen a very sailor look, based on blue pants navy Balloon cut with matching striped collar top perkins with nautical inspiration. She also usually opts for comfortable footwear, like these medium-heeled shoes (the kitten heels). But the best of the best about this outfit is the centennial ponytail. A high, worked and polished updo, which looks with bangs. Super on trend.