The wedding of María Jesús Ruiz and her boyfriend Curro that leaves the guests amazed: they get married in a fashion show

Total surprise. María Jesús Ruiz and her boyfriend, Curro Rodríguez, got married by surprise at the designer Julio Lama’s fashion show that was held in Ponferrada. The catwalk was the chosen setting to become husband and wife, under the watchful eye of Maestro Joao or Ana María Aldón, leaving everyone speechless.

“The most incredible and happiest day of my life along with the birth of my beautiful girls. Our marriage commitment has been quite a spectacle. You are not perfect for many, but for me you are the best. Unique my love,” María Jesús shared in their networks.

The newlyweds culminate four years of relationship after overcoming rumors of crisis, betrayal and infidelity. With her daughters Alba and María Jesús, fruit of their respective relationships with José María Gil Silgado and Julio Ruz, as exceptional witnesses, María Jesús was surprised by her boyfriend while presenting the parade. Curro, very nervous, went on stage ready to formalize his relationship and proposed to the model live: “I want to apologize for stopping the parade this way, but it’s the only way for her not to say no. Do you want marry me?”.

“Are you sure?” responded an excited María Jesús, who happened to be wearing a bridal-inspired dress in immaculate white. Minutes before the start of the parade, she spoke before the Europa Press microphones about her plans to formalize her relationship with Curro: “We are carrying out the bureaucratic procedures for a possible marriage and we hope that before December you can see something,” she happily announced. .

After the wedding, María Jesús admitted: “They had me fooled. I was very emotional, I cried, I vibrated, my hands were sweaty, my heart was so excited when I saw him parade with my girls (. ..) Love has triumphed.”