Imanol Sheriff He appeared in the press room with a calm difficult to understand after what he had seen during the 90 minutes. “If we cannot win, we must not lose and we have done that,” he assumed naturally. “It’s another point, another game without losing. My goal was to win, but it wasn’t possible. In the first half we had our options, in the second the game was broken, the expulsion … We tried and we stayed with a point that is not bad because we have not lost and we have not fit “, he summarized.

He stressed that “Valencia has done a great defensive job”, which forced them to “do things with great quality and hit the mark and we have lacked that. The players have tried to the end but we have not been able to score goals.”

He did not want to enter the rag when asked if Real had caught the Valencia football: “The referee has put the measure there and there the teams have to adapt. If we have not won it has not been because of that,” he said. “The referee’s measure has been what has been for both teams. There are no excuses. If we have not won it has not been because of what has happened,” he reiterated. “They have done a great defensive job. We have tried. It is true that there has been a lot of stoppage, a lot of anger. Much has been allowed and what we have done is adapt, but we have not managed to win. Nothing to object”.

The expulsion of Aritz

The only criticism that slipped towards the refereeing was the change of criteria from the first to the second half: “The refereeing has to be the same from minute 1 to 90,” he said before talking about the expulsion of Aritz and his subsequent reaction: “I love strong, hard and intense matches. If the bar is that, it is with all the consequences. I would have liked the first-half standard to have endured until the end. I have not seen the expulsion. and I don’t know if it is or not. I didn’t like what happened afterwards, I think Aritz He has been wrong and has even asked for forgiveness. The referee has been able to make a mistake and what was left over afterwards, “he launched as a critic.