“I want to continue living my life”

Last Saturday, Informalia He advanced the special friendship between Alvaro Muñoz Escassi e Hiba Abouk. Just a few hours after that Maria Jose Suarez announced that her relationship with the jockey had come to an end, the flirtation between Lara Dibildos’ ex and the actress became the big news that everyone has been hearing about. The protagonist himself confirmed the scoop with a brief statement (“Hiba is a friend of mine, I’m single and I’m not doing anything wrong by meeting someone”) and this Tuesday he talked about her at length: “She’s a lovely girl.”

Given the circumstances (it’s only been a week since he broke up with María José Suárez and has admitted that he was unfaithful), Escassi refuses to talk about his ‘romance’ with the star of El Príncipe but does admit that they have a special feeling: “He is a wonderful person whom I know through Masterchef“I have a fantastic relationship with her but I don’t have anything serious”he said in TardeAR. “Obviously when you spend time with someone you’re getting to know them and I talk to her, I have a good time with her, we laugh and have a lot of fun at the Turronero party, but she has her life and I have mine,” he said. “She’s a lovely, fun, nice girl… but now we have nothing more than a friendship.”

As we reported in this digital, Álvaro and Hiba were inseparable last Saturday during the party organized by José Luis López ‘El Turronero’, to which the actress attended as the rider’s companion. They did not hide and all the attendees could see them strolling through the fair, sharing secrets and giving each other very intimate hugs. “Hiba is my friend, I’m single and I’m not doing anything wrong by meeting someone”said the rider in response to the information. In case there was any doubt, Bea Archidona, who is replacing Ana Rosa Quintana during the summer holidays, confirmed the story: “It’s not a friendship. Álvaro and Hiba’s closest circle knows the other person and confirms that they are getting to know each other.”