All the plans of the future parents

The relationship between the talk show host and the Italian actor is progressing by leaps and bounds. It is not surprising, given the circumstances. Although Alejandra Rubio y Charles Costanza They started dating last February, they are expecting their first child, who will be born next Christmas, and between exclusives and getaways to Formentera they are starting to plan their next steps. This Tuesday, Terelu Campos’ daughter announced that they will move in together in the next few weeks.

For the moment, Carlo lives in a ground floor flat in the Vallecas neighbourhood, while Alejandra has rented an apartment in the Aravaca area, one of the best in Madrid. For the moment, they have not revealed whether the Italian will move in with his girlfriend or if they will look for a new home, more suited to their new needs and, above all, to those of the child they will have in common. And the fact is that a baby arrives with a loaf of bread under its arm (in this case, with a good handful of exclusives) and a lot of ‘stuff’: crib, stroller, hammock, clothes, bottles, diapers… so the young first-time parents will need a house with plenty of space to accommodate the new member of the family.

The decision to share a roof is a new step in their relationship, which is strengthening despite the obstacles that, according to them, they have to face daily. The criticism received in recent weeks has taken its toll on Alejandra, who burst into tears live on Tuesday after accusing her colleagues of asking “the same shitty questions.” Pointed out for her haughty and arrogant attitude, María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter has the battle axe in hand: “They want to separate us but they are not going to succeed.” And she has assured: “Normally I don’t care what they say about me, but now I am not going to tolerate it, I don’t feel like it.”

In this new adventure, the couple has the support of Terelwho invited them to dinner at her house last Sunday. It was a family gathering in which some close friends were also present and in which they discussed important issues that, as mother-in-law and son-in-law confessed in From Fridayhad not had the opportunity to speak before. It was here where, according to Kiko Matamoros, they had a small confrontation over the money they have raised thanks to the various exclusives: “There is a family disagreement about who owns the money that Carlo has earned with his television interview,” said the commentator. “Alejandra is angry with mom, because she has taken money and she does not agree. But the thing is that Alejandra is angry with Carlo because he does not give her her percentage of the interview on television.” From Friday“, explained Maria Patiño on Monday.

The other grandmother, Sea Flowersis keeping her distance for the moment. On holiday in Ibiza with the four children she had with Javier Merino, she appears oblivious to the media fuss about the pregnancy and the exclusives that have been raised by her firstborn and her new in-laws, the Campos.