“I just found out that we broke up once”

These are very complicated days for the former Miss Spain, who announced her breakup with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi Last Wednesday through a message in the purest style Maria Jimenez: “It’s over.” Soon there was talk of infidelities on the part of the rider that the horse herself Maria Jose Suarez She confirmed (“very unpleasant things have happened and now I have to heal”) and he tried to justify it on Tuesday: “In recent months we have distanced ourselves, there was a crisis, and at that time we lived separately.” The model, indignant, responded to her ex’s words: “We’ve been together for three years and today I found out that we had broken up at some point.”

Maria Jose has listened to Escassi’s interview in TardeAR and she has a very different version of what happened in their relationship and the reasons that led her to end her relationship with the jockey. This is what she told Luis Pliego, one of the programme’s regulars, through a message to his mobile phone, which he received live: “We have been together for three years and today I found out that we had broken up on one occasion,” read María José’s text. She added: “I haven’t been with other people in these three years.”

It is clear that the model and the jockey have experienced this separation in very different ways and although he has insisted that they were not infidelities, he has admitted: “I understand that María José is angry and hurt, it is not easy to find out that I have had sexual relations with other people,” he said.

On Monday, María José was blunt in front of the cameras: “I heard some very unpleasant news, and I’ve been dealing with it for three or four days in shock. Right now, what I want is for time to pass, to recover, to heal, and to not hear anything about this person, obviously.”