“I haven’t seen it but everything will work out”

Long-awaited reappearance of the rancheras singer in Madrid. Bertin Osborne He offers a concert this Thursday in San Agustín de Guadalix and has attended to the press upon his arrival at the bullring. Under a sun of justice, he has answered the questions of the reporters, with whom he has finally buried the hatchet: “It is a very personal issue. There is a child involved and we are not going to talk about this. What I have done is my responsibility but I ask you to understand that we are not going to give more details. Everything is settled, I have said that the “child is mine and that’s it”has said.

The artist, who recognized the five-month-old child this Wednesday in a joint statement with Gabriela Guillénhas confessed that he does not know the child and there is no meeting date but it is in his plans to hug the little one: “Everything will go”. Between laughs, he added: “I don’t know if the child looks like the father, I don’t know.” Very animated, he assures that he is “phenomenal” after having solved this unfortunate situation for which he has received the support of his daughters and also his ex-wife, Fabiola: “My daughters are with me, they are wonderful, and the person who has moved me the most with what she has told me has been Fabiola. We had a conversation for half an hour, it is worth eating.”

Furthermore, Osborne has also admitted that José Luis ‘El Turronero’, A mutual friend of both, has acted as a mediator to solve things: “There is a person who is the best person I have met in years who has cared and helped to make all this go well.”

Five months of negotiations

Let us remember that it was this Wednesday when Bertín and Gabriela surprised the media with a joint statement in which they resolved their differences: “I was wrong, Gabriela deserves my respect and I assume all responsibility (…) It is a responsibility that I assume.” He thus settled five months of negotiations and disagreements with the Paraguayan businesswoman, who has shown herself to be happy with the singer’s new attitude.

Of course, the paternity lawsuit has not been withdrawn, as we have revealed in Informalia, and the process continues. One of the conditions for issuing that statement is that Osborne admit his paternity before the judge and he did so on Wednesday at 12:55 p.m. in the morning, when a letter signed by the artist’s lawyer was received at the court in which the lawsuit was accepted and he also requested to pay the costs, arguing that he had acted in good faith. In less than a week, both Bertín and Gabriela were scheduled to undergo these DNA tests and at the time of writing, Gabriela had not received an order from the court to cancel that appointment. Therefore, as long as the Prosecutor’s Office that protects the rights of the minor does not say otherwise, the model will attend that test next week with her son and will follow the steps set by the court. Now it is a question of how long the response and the court times take.