Jordan Díaz: “The Olympic Games are going to be a completely different competition”


The Spanish athlete Jordan Alejandro Díaz, the new European outdoor champion in triple jump, predicted this Thursday that the next Olympic Games in Paris (France) “are going to be a completely different competition”, but qualified that “dreaming costs nothing “.

“The Olympic Games are going to be a completely different competition, with many high-level athletes and we hope it will be a pretty nice competition,” Díaz declared after his arrival at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

“Right now I’m getting calmer,” he alluded to his gold medal in Rome (Italy). “Two days have passed, I am a little more aware of what just happened and it will be like a plus for the Olympic Games, which are going to be a quite different and quite exciting competition,” insisted the jumper of Cuban origin.

In addition, he analyzed his successful contest at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital. “The competition alone, at least for me, requires me to be focused on the moment. After the competition is over, I already look and say: ‘Wow, I did that,'” he said.

“But at the moment it’s just the emotion. At the moment when we’re all there, that’s all I’m left with,” Díaz added. “The truth is, I am very happy to be able to represent Spain and represent it at the highest level,” he said before looking ahead to this summer’s Olympic Games.

“Dreaming costs nothing. But what I’m saying, it’s going to be complicated, but it’s going to be fought,” I predict about the fight for the podium. The Portuguese Pedro Pichardo will also want to compete for the medals, who has recently questioned the validity of the Spanish athlete’s winning jump.

“What am I going to tell you? I have the gold here, I have it in my backpack, so I have nothing more to say,” he snapped. Social networks are social networks and I have nothing to talk about it,” Díaz concluded in his ‘canutazo’ with journalists.