Puerto Rican Arella Guirantes, new escort at Perfumerías Avenida


Puerto Rican basketball player Arella Guirantes, 26 years old and 1.81 meters tall, has signed for CB Perfumerías Avenida for the next 2024/25 season, as announced this Thursday by the Salamanca club itself through a press release.

“Top scorer of the last 2022 World Cup or top scorer of the Americup 2023. Arella Guirantes’ letter of introduction is, without a doubt, the points. The American player will try to contribute them in the same way next season in Salamanca,” said Perfumerías. Avenue.

“She has scoring experience at the international level, not in vain is she the most outstanding player of her team, Puerto Rico, which she has helped qualify for the next Olympic Games in Paris,” the press release about Guirantes stressed.

“Quality also demonstrated in the WNBA, with past in LA and Seattle and in European clubs, with two seasons being one of the top scorers in the Euroleague; first in Miskolc and, last season, in Famila Schio. In Italy, Arella scored some sensational 15 points, five rebounds and more than two assists per game on average in the 16 games he played in the top continental competition,” the note added.

In this sense, Perfumerías Avenida described its new guard as “a top-level killer, capable of making his own baskets in penetration, being a regular in the already famous ‘highlights’ of the competitions in which he plays.”

The statement highlighted “the medium and long distance shot, from which he averaged close to 40% in triples last season.” “Intensity, talent and character on the court to make Würzburg enjoy,” concluded the Salamanca press release.