“I hate everyone”

The daughter of Terelu Campos and her boyfriend continue their holiday trip. After passing through Ibiza and Javea, where they were recognised at the height of the pregnancy boom, they have headed to the south of Spain in the hope of going unnoticed, but they have not managed to do so. Alejandra Rubio y Charles Costanza They are now in El Rompido, Huelva, where despite the magnificent gastronomy and the miles of beaches they are unable to relax: “I hate everyone”.

This is the message printed on the future mother’s T-shirt this Monday, as revealed It’s not like we’re shhh. The young woman is experiencing a difficult first pregnancy, as she has received numerous criticisms since she decided to announce it in a coupon in the magazine after repeating, for months and on her program, that she did not commercialize her private life. Terelu’s daughter did not react well to the comments, which she called “shit”, and ended up crying in This is life“Normally I would ignore what people say, but now I can’t,” she said. “They want to separate me from Carlo, but they won’t succeed,” she said.

The Italian, for his part, faces the media uproar with more calm and composure, as he demonstrated in From Fridaywhere he even met his mother-in-law, Terelu. Delighted with his new financial situation, he has decided to solve the only inconvenience of these last few days: the paparazzi at the door of his house, a ground floor flat in the Vallecas neighbourhood. And the son of Mar Flores has already started to say goodbye to this accommodation and go live with Alejandra. They want to do it before the baby is born, next Christmas, and they are studying options.

For now, they are enjoying their first vacation as a couple and the last one as just the two of them, as next year they will travel with the stroller and diapers of their child, whose sex is currently unknown.