María José Suárez takes refuge in her homeland while the ‘trans’ lover confronts Escassi: “He lies and I have proof”

New week full of controversy for Alvaro Muñoz Escassi. His interview last Friday has unleashed a wave of criticism and responses that promise to give the soap opera new and juicy chapters. The rider endures the storm from Madrid while Maria Jose Suarez She has taken refuge in her homeland, Coria del Río, after spending the weekend with friends in Ibiza. They are separated by 538 kilometres but are ‘united’ by one person: Valeri, the transsexual woman who detonated the bomb and who on Monday stood up to the businessman.

“He lies”. This is how blunt the Colombian has been in some messages that she has sent live to the program TardeAR. “I have proof of everything, even of the day that he paid me the debt, and María José knows about the day that they came to pay me.”she revealed, thus refuting Escassi’s version, who claims that he has reported her for extortion and that he has never paid her anything. Valeri also denies that it was she who sought him out to have sexual relations: “I have proof of everything, I have the WhatsApp messages in which Álvaro contacted me and I also have all the audios”she said. “She is very angry because she thinks that Álvaro is telling a lot of lies,” Leticia Requejo said.

Escassi’s lover will make the leap to the media this Wednesday, as we anticipated in this digital. It will be in the magazine Readings where she offers her version of everything that happened and which is far from the story that the rider told three days ago. Alvaro himself warned her: “I hope she has proof of everything because she has been reported.”

María José, for her part, is trying to keep her distance. She is angry and feels humiliated. This weekend she accompanied some friends to Ibiza, where she enjoyed the night in one of the popular bars on the island. This Monday she returned to her home, Coria del Río, where she is taking the opportunity to renovate her kitchen. In recent days she has responded to her ex’s claims through very brief messages: “I just found out that he was in an open relationship. What a disgraceful character,” she wrote on social media. She does not rule out, however, accepting one of the many offers she has on the table and taking a step forward to unmask Escassi.