“Do you think she didn’t know anything?”

The interview of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi Last Friday, a tsunami of reactions was unleashed not only by those involved but also by various social commentators. While Sonia Ferrer, the jockey’s ex, said that it was better not to have him “as an enemy”, others like Alessandro Lequio They have stood up for him: “Why can’t it be true that there was an open relationship? Do you think that in these three years, this lady didn’t find out about any of Escassi’s affairs? She wasn’t the last to find out, maybe she consented to it.”

The Italian count believes the horseman’s version, who assured that his affairs with other women were not infidelities because Maria Jose Suarez and he had an “open relationship.” A very important fact to understand the nature of that relationship and that Miss Spain herself denied through social networks: “Today I found out that he had an open relationship. He knows perfectly well that that is a lie. What a shameful character.” The model also responded sharply to the comment of a follower who encouraged her to tell her version: “I will do it.”

And while she studies the different offers she has on the table, the one who has already taken a step forward is Valeri, the ‘trans’ lover who blew up the relationship between Álvaro and María José. She will debut with an exclusive interview this Wednesday, as we anticipated in this digital, but this Monday, she has also sent some messages to the program. TardeAR live: “He is lying and I have all the proof.” She has assured that it was he who contacted her and not the other way around and that he has paid her the 1500 euros that she owed him for her services, contrary to what Escassi claimed: “María José knows everything,” she has affirmed.

Women… and debts

The controversy surrounding his breakup with María José Suárez and his dalliances with other women is not the only one that Lara Dibildos’ ex is facing these days. According to Kiko Matamoros, the businessman has several outstanding debts: “He owes 86,000 euros to a friend of mine. He has tried to report him but Álvaro has declared himself insolvent,” he said. And there is more: “He owes 300,000 euros to a Portuguese businessman with whom he was going to set up a restaurant.”

Kiko Hernández added: “Escassi owes so much money that by far MasterChef that he did… I mean that he lives off women.”