Míchel Sánchez is only one game away of being able to make history with Girona, but the coach, aware of this, insisted in the press conference prior to the match that he does not feel “responsibility”, but “excitement” to fulfill what the club and the city want: promotion to First Division.

“The dressing room is happy and excited, I am well and motivated and the city is the same”, declared the coach as soon as the last press conference of the season began in Montilivi, in which he explained that the work week has been “long”, but at the same time “beautiful”. “We have gone to the base of everything, to review what has brought us here at the football and group level. This team has known how to suffer together and we have the last effort left to achieve the objective, ”he sentenced, before ruling out Darío Sarmiento and Ibrahima Kebé and to put in doubt Borja García, whose presence is “very complicated”.

As for the match, Michel does not deceive anyone and his style is known all over the world. “We will go out to win and look for the rival goal from the first minute. Pressure in the opposite field, aggressiveness with and without the ball. We have worked to improve the fact of generating more chances and we know that we will have to do it well because in three games we have not beaten them”, explained the player from Madrid, who assured that “we will give our best version”. About his rival, Tenerife, the coach pointed out that he has “doubts” about what Ramis is going to do, but he was convinced that it will be “different” from what was found in Montilivi.

“They play at home and I think we are going to see a much more aggressive team with the ball and they will try to find our goal. I visualize a match with goals. We have no choice but to go for the game and win”Michel insisted. who repeated several times that he had not imagined “the promotion”. “I try to see and imagine aspects of the match to give the players solutions, but by the end there are too many aspects to control to imagine it,” he revealed.

Finally, he wanted to send a message about the recent history of Girona. “This club deserves promotion because it takes a long time trying, he is doing things well and has cried many times, but in all of them he has gotten up, “he concluded.

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