Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the flash interview after Whites’ victory against Barça and was proud of the effort of his team. The Italian acknowledged that the team “is tired but happy.”

Victoria: “The game was suffered. It was even, with good plays, with two good teams. It has been very entertaining and you always suffer on the bench.”

Match plan: “We started very well with the start from behind, using the counter. When we got ahead we have lowered the efficiency. We deserved to win the first half and unfortunately we conceded a goal. The second was more disputed.”

Kickback: “The against we are using it well because we have players with those characteristics. It is not unbeatable because in soccer there are many other things, but this they are doing very well”.

Defending: “We attacked very well. We could defend better. But Barcelona played a great game. It was a very important game for everyone. It is not the most important in the world, but it is important.”

Wear: “The team is tired. The physical effort is very great. But we have endured well until the end. The fresh players have done well. We are tired but happy.”

Benzema: “Karim is fine. He has had a hit. Now we have time to make up until Sunday. “

Later, the Italian appeared in the press room of the King Fahd stadium …


Match balance: “It was a very close match and it has been. We have planned it well. We have been very effective with the ball, we failed due to fatigue, but the cons were very effective during the match. We have left a good image of Spanish football because Barcelona has played very well. “

Xavi says that his team has been superior. “I disagree, it has been matched. They had possession but we conceded the first goal due to bad luck. We have not dominated and they have not dominated us. We have gone back to look for the counter. The three goals have been spectacular. “

How are the headdresses. “A lot of fatigue, it’s normal. We are going to recover, also Praise, let’s hope. The wear has been a lot. We are going to recover.”

Have you argued with Piqué? “I told him to throw the ball in that action with Vinicius like we did in the first half, but he told me that they never throw it. I told him I didn’t know, he’s respectable. “

This Barça has improved its level. “Ansu Fati and the others make this improve, it is normal. They will go up. “

Is the best system still 4-3-3 with that backlash? “The best weapon is that it is difficult for us to press up. The low block is not very aesthetic, but the quality we have at the top is too important not to enjoy it.”

He removed Modric and Barça tied. Does it depend on him? “He has an immense quality, it is difficult to pressure him. He has a lot of quality. But Valverde scored the goal that gave us the final. Without him we lose something, but with Fede we have arrived at the box.”

The importance of Carvajal. “He is very important because of his defensive quality, his personality and character on the field. In preparation that character is important. He is not just another player, he is a very important part of this squad.”