How far is stem cell therapy effective in treating damaged knees?

In the past few years, stem cell therapy with platelet-rich plasma therapy has gained immense popularity because of its effect on various medical conditions. Many medical conditions can get treated with stem cell therapy, from final repair to wrinkles. In several studies, stem cell treatment is a promising means to cure diseases such as heart disease, muscular dystrophy, and Parkinson’s disease. The therapy could also treat osteoarthritis in the knees.

Osteoarthritis is a common problem in people in the western world. When the bones lose their protective covering against each other, it results in swelling, pain, and stiffness. You ultimately lose mobility and function. When you see the bones starting to deteriorate, it’s time to get in touch with medical practitioners. Millions of individuals in the western world are suffering from this disease, but thanks to advancements in medical science, stem cell therapy are available for curing this medical condition.

  • Understand the treatment in detail

Stem cell therapy is a constantly evolving aspect of medical science. Stem cells are manufacturing cells in the human body. Based on different signals and conditions in the human body, these cells may get directed to areas where they are required.

Stem cells are immature cells that may get directed towards these areas, speeding up the healing process. It is evidence that stem cell treatment works by triggering the damaged area in the body and starting the repair. Moreover, it has gained its position in the regenerative medication area.

Did you look at research reports? You will see that stem cell treatment helps individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. The reasons are the following:

  • There is no standard procedure for creating the injection.  
  • Other treatments are not effective in treating osteoarthritis. 

You may get the therapy under experts for the best outcomes.

Without proper treatment, you will not see noticeable results.

  • Stem cell therapy and injections

The cartilage that covers the bone helps the bone glide smoothly against each other and stay away from stiffness. Osteoarthritis causes damage to this cartilage, and that results in increased friction. It thereby results in inflammation, loss of function and mobility, and pain. Stem cell therapy utilizes the body’s natural healing power and helps repair and increase the recovery speed.

Moreover, it slows down the deterioration of tissues and cartilage. Stem cell therapy of QC Kinetix (Jackson, TN) is used for knees because it repairs and slows damaged cartilage, decreases inflammation, and delays knee replacement surgical procedures. 

Hence, if you are thinking of a simple and non-invasive treatment method for your osteoarthritis issue, you can think about stem cell therapy. The process uses stem cells, which are created in the body and thus reduce the risk of side effects. 

There are no side effects related to stem cell therapy, and therefore various medical practitioners recommend this minimally invasive procedure. Remember that most individuals who have undergone this process experience a healthy and happy life. Stem cell therapy is the best option if you hunt for a non-invasive therapy method.  

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