Hilario López Millán dies at the age of 78, a great gentleman of the social chronicle, due to dehydration

A few hours ago one of the most important chroniclers of the social chronicle died, the great Hilario Lopez Millan, at 78 years old. Extreme dehydration has been the cause of his death. The journalist leaves his widower, her husband, heartbroken Alberto for 17 years, although they had been together for almost half a century.

Hilario López Millán was much more than a huge journalist: he was a writer and singer but above all one of the best informed and most coherent radio and television members that have ever existed in the field of social chronicle. He became very famous, especially in the 1990s and early 2000s. Considered an encyclopedia in many subjects, his word served to confirm a piece of news, whether it was about great copla, Spanish songs, or real-level celebrities. . He was a friend and confidant of all the great folklore.

In the mid-1960s, he left his native Albacete to settle in Madrid, where he started at the Estación Escuela de Radio Juventud. Work with encarna sanchez o louis del olmoamong others, and participated in television programs such as the Day to day of Maria Teresa Campos or the Taste of the of Ana Rosa Quintana.

López Millán, already in the first decade of the 2000s, was a jury of the program It’s called Copla, from Canal Sur, with great audience success. His professional status and rigor were completed with a backlash and a wonderful and highly personal sense of humor, but always without offending. In her town, Hellín, she has a street, which is where she has her house, although she also had a rented apartment with her husband in the City of Journalists, north of Madrid.

Two years ago Hilario visited the set of Save me and talked about the documentary Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. “I think they’re going to give you a Goya Award for the broadcast,” he said with his incomparable irony. Hilario, who knew better than almost anyone Rocio Juradoalmost his confessor, was critical of the controversial documentary, although always without fanfare.

Hilario saw the birth of Rocio Carrasco and almost came to live with the Jurado family. “I am experiencing it very badly because I remember a lot about Rocío and Peter Carrasco. Rocío Jurado, if she were here, she would have told all this, her and Pedro,” she said when it began to be broadcast in docudrama. López Millán referred to La Más Grande (who affectionately called her Hili) with the utmost respect: “Rocío was unique and great, every day I miss her more. Rocío was tremendous, she had three minutes of bad temper from her, that this time she would take them out, “he said excitedly in one of her last televised appearances. Rest in peace.