Leonor, neither tracksuit nor flip flops in La General: ponytail and basic shoes

Your time has come. First day of Princess Leonor in La General. She enters with 17 years and will leave there with the 18th birthday. The Academy of Zaragoza (AGM) has recommended new students to avoid arriving “in tracksuits, shorts and beach shoes”. They have suggested “comfortable shoes”, type “sports”. The eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia has followed the slogan. This first step in the military training of the heiress is marked by the AGM regulations. Everything has its reason. Decorum, discretion and naturalness in style. And this is what we have seen this Thursday, August 17. Sneakers and casual style.

It was clear that we would see Leonor, in slippers, walking through La General. It was also clear that we would see her in the most natural version of her, with a ponytail and neutral colors. The eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia has chosen a blue denim shirt that she has combined with white jeans. She was very smiling, along with her parents, Felipe VI and Letizia, and her sister Sofía.

Collected hair and natural makeup

They added from the Academy two recommendations for the new students in this premiere: not to wear “excessive civilian clothing” and to be equipped with “a suit cover of a discreet color” so that non-military garments “are not visible in the accommodation” (the so-called chambers). More rules from the Zaragoza General Military Academy: haircut to the armpits, natural tones, natural makeup and transparent nail polish. Goodbye, then, to the Spanish red manicure that the heiress wore in Palma. There are also guidelines for gentlemen-cadets, who must have short hair and no beard, as stated in the documentation.

A summer of boho dresses

Gone are the midi-length boho dresses that she has worn this summer for the Princess of Asturias. Two private outings in Palma -out of the schedule- have served as the framework for the photo album of this short and hot summer for Leonor. On both occasions, we have seen the heiress with more focus than ever. Two nights in Palma that have left us with two looks: the satin-effect barbicore dress, a trend that has taken the planet by storm thanks to the movie Barbie; and a game green design with an ethnic print and a midi length, at dinner in Portixol with his family.