If you are a football fan, then you will know that the teams are always changing. Players are getting traded every year and clubs also choose to make sponsorship deals too. Some clubs choose to go down the fan route, by trying to achieve the biggest fan base in the world. If you are not quite sure which football team ranks as being the best in the world, then this is the guide for you.

Here are the Most Popular Football Teams in the World Right Now

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Real Madrid

There is absolutely no doubt that Real Madrid is one of the most popular football clubs in the world right now. The best thing about Real Madrid is that they have the biggest fan base in the world.  The club history is truly remarkable to say the least and they are also one of the most successful teams in football. They have won the European title many times and they have also won the most LaLiga titles too. They have won the FIFA cup quite a few times and they also have the most social media followers out of any team as well. If you go onto any sports betting site in Canada, you will soon see that Real Madrid are often the team with the most favourable odds, due to their huge level of experience.


Next up, we have Barcelona. Right now, they are the second-most popular team in football. The team have managed to accrue a lot of trophies during their time and many legends have been part of the team as well. They are a Spanish club and some of the best footballers around represent them as well. You have Lionel Messi, Suarez and even Neymar as well. They helped the team to win the Champions League, but they have also won the UEFA Super Cup as well as the LaLiga. They have won the Copa Del Rey as well.

Manchester United

Manchester United are one of the most popular teams around. They hail from the Old Trafford area and they are one of the most successful clubs when you look at the last few years. Even though the team missed out on the Champion’s League twice in three years, it’s safe to say that one of their kits is the most iconic in the world. Their red kit ranks third when you look at the most popular kits in the world and they are also a FIFA winning team as well. If you look at 2008, you will soon see that they had an incredibly successful year overall.


Juventus won the Italian Championship a total of four times, all in a row. They have won the Italian Champions league 36 times as well. This is twice as much as the second team on the leaderboard. In the year 2018, they had the icon Cristiano Ronaldo join the team after he left Real Madrid. In the last few years, they have rocketed in terms of popularity and now they are one of the most popular teams in the world. They have also won the Intercontinental Championship twice as well, which is major for the team.