Have José María Almoguera and Paola Olmedo returned?

Reconciliation in sight? Jose Maria Almoguera and Paola Olmedo They have shared a roof again. The meetings between the son of Carmen Borrego and his wife are becoming more frequent, suggesting a possible reconciliation. And his mother has extended her hand to him: “I am here, I love you and I will be there. I have taken many steps and tomorrow I am going to congratulate him.” This marriage seems to have never really broken up; Everything seems like pure theater to attack Carmen Borrego and collect exclusives.

They have been seen traveling, having dinner together and with her mother. The separation, in real terms, perhaps never existed. And reconciliation would be a fact.

Recent images seem to confirm this theory. Although there may have been a small crisis, it was not a real separation. “I am going to congratulate my cousin tomorrow,” Alejandra Rubio declared on Almoguera’s birthday this Wednesday.

The coming weeks may bring a front page with news of the reconciliation, according to several specialized journalists. José María has promised not to give exclusives again and regrets the previous one. The love story between José María Almoguera and Paola Olmedo seems to have a second chance.