Dennis González, European champion in the artistic swimming technical solo


This Tuesday, the Spanish Dennis González won the gold medal in the artistic technical solo, within the European Swimming Championships being held in Belgrade (Serbia), thanks to a score of 225.8466 in the men’s final.

To the rhythm of the song ‘Kiss’, by Prince & The Revolution, González went out to compete in sixth place of the seven finalists. And by achieving those 225.8466 points, at a rate of 131.5466 points for elements and 94.3000 points for artistic impression, the man from Barcelona became the leader.

The young British Ranjuo Tomblin finished second with 204.4466 points (118.4466 and 86.0000), winning the silver and with it the first medal of his sporting career in the senior category. The bronze went to the Italian Giorgio Minisini with 185.9800 points (92.1800 and 93.8000).

This success for González has joined the gold that the Spanish women’s team achieved last Monday during the technical routine final. In a decaffeinated event, with few competitors due to the proximity of the Olympic Games in Paris (France), Txell Mas, Iris Tió, Alisa Ozhogina, Cristina Arámbula, Txell Ferré, Marina García, Blanca Toledano and Lilou Lluís then gave their first joy.

The Spanish delegation goes to this European Championship in the Serbian capital without its online swimming representatives, prioritizing the Palma Olympic Open Trials on the same dates, and only with the absolute artistic swimming, open water and diving teams.