We live in the culture of personal branding. In it yo understood as a company and in the story of our experiences as a star product, as a way of earning a living. Whether in the form of a memoir, a Netflix series or a Spotify podcast… It is the marketing strategy carried out by the Prince Harry And his wife Meghan Markle. Tell everything in exchange for a check. The economic agreements sound stratospheric. Some media speak of 134 million dollars (122 million euros) since they made the Meghix official, they left London and settled in the US.

Harry and Meghan have created their own personal brand. They have worked on building a public image and live from it. In that image are his title, that of dukes of sussex (they don’t let go); the windsor family, of which they deny; and the monarchical institutionwhich they have left behind. However, they live from all this and everything it represents. Where is the coherence?

Your marketing campaign

Creating the personal brand was the first step. The Dukes of Sussex, within the institution, were one more member of the family. However, outside of it they have strengthened that image, they have taken control of their actions, they have directed their own marketing campaign and they have decided when, where and how they want to expose themselves. Since the premiere of the Netflix series and the launch of In the shadow (Spare)the visibility of the dukes is like a media steamroller if we compare it with their stage for Megxit.

The brand of marriage is Sussex and perhaps that is why they do not want to give up the title. According to the iebschool, experts in digital marketing, to create a personal brand, we must seem what we are and be what we seem. Let there be coherence. Between the soft skills What is required are: critical thinking and analyzing information; Have self-management and leadership skills. That is, generating trust in the environment as an important part of gaining social influence.

This selling of private experiences greatly strengthens the brand image. In fact, it is their flagship product. They have managed to capitalize on it and live off it. It can be very profitable, as the Sussexes have been demonstrating (134 million dollars). But this strategy has edges. The impact that airing the lives of others can have on public opinion: Charles IIIof Camillaof Guillermoof Kate Middleton

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If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a profile on the professional network of LinkedIn, what would they reflect on their soft kills? Coherence, no. Self-management and leadership, yes. Of course they are leaders. They personify drama, victimhood and self-centeredness.