Sevilla are waiting to sign Joselu Matos, Deportivo Alavés forward, as soon as the sale of Luuk de Jong becomes feasible. While the arrangements are being made, the player's representative has made various statements in various media that the slobbery entity did not like at all. In them, the agent spoke of the player's desire to go to Sevilla FC and that this information was already known to Alavés. Well, the Basque club has released a statement to remind Joselu's agent that the player has a contract and that, for the moment, he must fulfill it.

This is how clear and forceful the statement from Deportivo Alavés has been:

The Board of Directors of DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS, S.A.D, in the face of the alleged statements made by the player's agent Joselu Mato, and published by various media, wishes to state:

1º.- Remember that the player Joselu Mato currently has a contract in force with the Entity, which ends on June 30, without prejudice to the possibility of extending it depending on the fulfillment of a series of conditions in said contract established.

2º.- Said contract was signed two seasons ago freely and voluntarily by the player and his agents, expressly accepting each and every one of the clauses set forth therein, and from that moment on, DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS, S.A.D. It has been fulfilling, as it cannot be otherwise, each and every one of the commitments acquired both with the Player and with his intermediaries.

3.- The transfer of the player's rights from Newcastle United FC represented a significant outlay for DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS, S.A.D. and a great sports bet, which demands the utmost respect from the player and his agents, both for the Club itself and for all of our fans.

4º.- We want to remember that both the sports labor legislation and the current contract itself contemplate the possibility of its unilateral termination by the player, after payment of the corresponding termination clause, which was also accepted and consented to by both the player and by their agents.

5.- Lastly, it should be noted that this Board of Directors will not cease in defending its legitimate interests and in demanding the respect that, as a Club and as a hobby, DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS, S.A.D.