Gustavo’s girlfriend takes out her nails and assures that the driver did call Terelu and Carmen before entering ‘GH VIP’

The relationship between Maria Teresa Campos y Gustavo It surpassed the daily chores of his job as a driver. For Terelu and Carmen Borrego’s mother, his employee was like a son. Now, after the death of the presenter on September 5, Gustavo participates in GH VIP and many questions circulate through his mind… and perhaps, also regrets.

“I am here for her, I am proud to be here,” admitted María Teresa’s former driver when setting foot in Guadalix de la Sierra last Thursday, September 14. Gustavo maintains that he signed the contract before hearing the news of the journalist’s death. However, the adrenaline that the house gives off Big Brother It makes María Teresa’s driver have some regrets about being in the competition. “What are the daughters thinking about me?” she reflected.

Ainhoa, his girlfriend, talks about the estrangement with the Campos sisters

While Gustavo immerses himself in the uncertainty of GH VIPfrom the set, his girlfriend Ainhoa She fulfills her role as a defender and explains what the relationship between the driver and the Campos family is like. “During these last months he had distanced himself from them because there have been many things that he did not like,” she said this Sunday in the reality show debate.

Gustavo himself said that he informed the Campos family of his entry into the house of Big Brother after the burial of María Teresa. Alejandra Rubio denied that call a few days ago and Ainhoa, in the debate, stood up for him: “The call from the two sisters together encouraging him and telling him ‘we support you to win’ occurred while he was at the hotel,” she said.

Ion Aramendithe host of the program along with Martha Flich, went further and asked Gustavo’s girlfriend the reason for the distance between the driver and the sisters. “There is a moment in their lives when he is family and others when he is the driver. He feels like a member of the Campos family and, during these last months, he has felt distanced,” Ainhoa ​​answered from the set.

The anger of the Campos family

As we said, Terelu’s daughter, Alejandra Rubio, spoke about Gustavo’s signing this Friday, September 15. Surprised, she lamented: “We didn’t know she was coming in. We could sense it because about twenty days ago she resigned. My grandmother was still here. It was a surprise for everyone because after so many years working with her, at a time when my grandmother was unwell, will present his resignation… That’s when negotiations with ‘GH VIP’ began.

Las Campos, in short, contradicts the version of the driver and his girlfriend. They assure that this call from Gustavo to the sisters never occurred: “My grandmother had no evidence of this. Nor that it could be an option. Furthermore, Carmen tells me that this call has never existed,” Alejandra added.

The last few months have been marked by accusations of being a mole towards Gustavo on television sets. An accusation that was flatly denied by the driver, who was very hurt by Borrego and Terelu for their distrust and lack of support towards him at certain times.