Gloria Camilla announced that she was retiring from television in October 2022 after being overwhelmed by her sister’s documentary on Telecinco and her subsequent participation in the reality show The farm. Months later, she returns as a collaborator but this time to Antena 3, where this Monday, September 18, she debuted on the program Susanna Grisowhere he also works Gema Lopez as co-host of the social chronicle section.

The daughter of Rocío Jurado and José Ortega Cano, who is banned from Mediaset, has not ignored her sister, Rocío Carrasco, on her return to television: “I was already in psychologists. I had entered a loop (…) My sister’s series came out, then the marriage with Ana María Aldón… I went to ‘La Granja’, but there I got very overwhelmed and left shaken. I was suffering from depression and anxiety,” she lamented.

Regarding the media hurricane that her sister generated with the docuseries, she said: “Because of my sister, there was also a lot of criticism. Hateful, racist comments… I came to think that I didn’t deserve to be the daughter of who I was. That hatred “It was instilled in me… I came to doubt whether I deserved it. I thought my mother might not be proud of me.”

However, Gloria has raised her head to say: “I am not going to change my last name, I am very proud of my family.”

The former Telecinco collaborator has gone to professionals to treat her mental health problems: “I have traumas of abandonment, shortcomings that are lengthening (…) Until I went to therapy I didn’t know, but everything affected me.”

In the hardest moments, Gloria takes refuge in her family: “My family loves me and I adore them. When you are in a traumatized moment you forget many things. All this has made me have a shell, but I don’t take care of myself much.” “I have focused so much on making sure everyone else is well that I forgot about myself. There are many things that come with adoption.”

In addition, there was the problem of his brother, José Fernando, who is still hospitalized in a psychiatric center to treat his addictions: “When I turn 18 I go to prison to visit my brother… I have not had a normal childhood. We have to support the person and not leave them alone. My father also had the problem of the accident and I was the one who was alone outside.”

Gloria Camila joins the long list of Antena 3 signings after the Telecinco ratings debacle and its change of direction. Pilar Vidal y Laura Fa They also made the jump to Susanna Griso’s program. Next to them Gema Lopezco-presenter of the heart section for a week. Beatriz Cortazar y Paloma García-Pelayo They also signed for Atresmedia, specifically for Onega sleeps in And now Sonsoles.