With a heat that reached 33º and was attenuated by the saving clouds that covered the sun from 19:00, the JC Ferrero Equelite Academy 25th Anniversary Tournament started in Villena. Carlos Alcaraz, the 17-year-old pearl trained by the owner of the school and former number one in the world, appeared before the 160 spectators who attended the first turn of an event that follows the logical and necessary security measures in the midst of a pandemic. And he did it with a spectacular comeback against the Portuguese Joao Sousa (31 years old and 66th in the world): from fitting a donut to a win with a lot of personality by 0-6, 7-6 (3) and 6-3. From less to more with an end of aúpa.

Mandatory masks, no hugging or waving, only from afar or with the elbow, and social distance (a free chair between spectators) to attend a new proof that in Spain we have another great player if nothing goes wrong. Alcaraz started well, with a 0-30 that predicted problems for Sousa. But the Portuguese rushed his punches very well and looked for the lines with power and success to overwhelm an Alcaraz who was a tad late for his shipments. Although such a mess didn't seem logical.

And the party's drift showed it. Charly, as Ferrero calls the Murcian, exponentially increased his benefits and varied his game more so as not to make it predictable. The drops gave him good returns and he began to despair his rival with agility, speed, iron hand in the volleys and strength in the direct hit. Thus he took a second set in which he had an advantage break, but had to resolve in the tiebreaker. In the third round, the courageous remains of the Alcaraz were decisive. “You have to be listened to. I want identity,” said Ferrero. And he did. In fact, he was able to close the victory with 5-2 in favor and three match balls. He could not, although with the fourth, at the service, he did not forgive. “I am very happy, because playing matches against people of this level helps you for the future, because it is what you are going to find. I'm glad to be at the level and to be able to compete, “said the winner before they entered the track for the second intergenerational duel Pablo Carreño and Alejandro Davidovich.


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