González González does not get right nor with the name of Casemiro

We were few… José Luis González González He had a more than debatable performance in the match that faced the Athletic and Real Madrid. For signaling a maximum penalty in favor of the whites and for overlooking the S stompergio Ramos to Raúl García. In addition, he showed the yellow card to one of the players usually pardoned, yes, party also in the meringues ranks. In the final stretch, he showed the yellow cardboard to Casemiro for a hard entrance to Iker Muniain that could be classified as red.

Continuing with the Real Madrid midfielder, when reading the report written by the braid of the Castilian-Leon school it is appreciated that he writes “Casimiro”, introducing the “i” instead of the “e” in the second syllable. Things that happen. It happens in the post-match lineup, although in the initial it is well written, as when he is cited as admonished. When he writes what the warnings have been like, he makes the same mistake again.

In addition, the act says that his name is Casimiro Casimiro, when Wikipedia his name is Carlos Henrique José Francisco Venancio Casemiro. Who has the reason?

Here you can see the summary of the match