Morales levels Isak's spur

EI Levante celebrated the stay in La Nucia with a worked tie. As I had instilled Paco lopez In the last few days, nothing to relax and compete for new goals. So what Isak scored a spur goal in the opening bars they could have disconnected him from the party. On the contrary. Immediately the usual Morales appeared to start the GP motorcycle, beat Elustondo and beat Moyà.

To Real, for its part, the point ended up being worth, despite going ahead and bearing the weight of the duel for the first half hour. In the second part the system changed, with long sides, but it was Levante who dominated. He ran out of gas and the Champions League vanished. But the tie is good to secure the position of Europa League.

The game began with an exchange of blows caused by two defensive lines that were difficult to adjust. The Royal Society came out with several news in eleven but the ones above were the four that have given him the most joy this year: Odegaard, Portu, Oyarzabal and Isak. The last three cooked 0-1. The '7' won the aerial battle against Vezo, the Basque put it in the heart of the area and Isak, winning the game over Clerc, placed it inside with the spur. Great goal.

It was 13 'but Levante did not look at the clock but at Moyà's door. Just two minutes later Rochina sent a clearance aimed at Elustondo's back and there it was Morales, like old times, to stand before the Balearic goal and beat him with a cross shot.

With hardly a blink, again Isak leaked a ball behind Granota and left only Portu who sent it high. He had so much time to think and feint that in the end the leather slipped over the door of Aitor. Real was still in possession of the ball and Levante waiting for a counter but the hydration pause offered a truce that lasted almost until the end of the match. In the second half, the pace was much slower. Levante carried the weight and the best opportunity was for Melero, after a rebound, but Moyà covered his stick well placed.

Sheriff: “We are going to give up our lives to achieve the objective”

Point: “I agree. I think we have done a great job in the first half. We are arriving very fair, we must refresh. We have done a great first half and it was a shame because we could do more damage. They hurt us with Campaign and Rochina inside. With what it was taking for us to put the fast goal ahead it hurts. In the second half the players accused the tiredness and the game was more stopped. I have valued the point because it allows us to dream and depend on us themselves. One more point to face the last games. If we are able to win them we will take the goal and the prize. “

Outcome: “I don't know what it will look like, it was terribly hot. A lot of changes. We have entered the first part well and I think it's a shame because we could do more damage. But they have high quality people and they hurt us. They had their danger We had more options in the first but they could also hurt us. In the second we got together a little more, we could not develop our football. But we could not go to press this team that knows how to play very well and we have prioritized to gather more to the team without the ball. That has not allowed us to do more damage than we have done. “

Rival goal: “With what it costs, with what it has cost us after the confinement … We were playing a good game and in such an isolated play … A mistake, because I think we could be better, we have conceded the equalizer goal. It is There where I think the game has escaped us. In the second half we have not been at the level. We are fighting with those from above to enter Europe and today we depend on ourselves. It is the best news after not winning and signing a point”.

Changes: “We have already changed the system in the first half. In attack, nothing has changed, what happens is that we have not been so fine. In defense, we have put more lines together so that Campaña and Rochina do not have spaces In the end the position we wanted to have was that of the first half, but we have not been as fluent in the game. We have come together due to fatigue, the rival and in the end they generate you. You had to protect yourself and offensively it cost us more ” .

Fatigue: “They have a terrible importance, like others that have happened. And it must be said because it is so. But we are not going to look for excuses in that. We are going to face the matches as they deserve for what we are playing and for the shield that we carry in The chest. You see how people are falling, with injuries of all kinds. But the group in that sense has never stopped to think that we arrived with fewer days off. We are going to give up our lives to achieve the goal. “

Odegaard: “With Martin you have to be careful, we are reserving him. We have hooked up well with him but we have missed him. You are in the game you are playing but thinking about the next one. He understood that it was the change and he could also give us and contribute now that in the second we weren't so fluent. There are people who have stayed in the field with a lot of accumulated effort. The field was very hard and had to be taken into account. “

Isak: “I still haven't been able to be with everyone. I understand and I hope they are the typical annoyances after a game or a blow. Merino has also ended up bursting. We are all arriving very fair. The recovery will be very important. As fresh as possible to Granada because the goal is worth it. They are great games, it is what we wanted. A shame that it is without an audience and hopefully we will come to the end with a smile and that we will achieve the goal. “

Barrenetxea: “He came out in a new position. The important thing is that he is fine after the injury and he is going to bring us a lot. He is a different player and when he has the day he can make a difference. He comes fresh and can be very useful for the stage Final. We have the players of the subsidiary in case one fails us. We are what we are and we will go with all the enthusiasm for what remains. “

Three points: “Penalty yes, because you always want to win and they were three very important points. But we must give value to the point and the team in front of us. The point gives us the possibility of depending on ourselves. A pity that there is no public because it is everything is very equal. Everyone has enough level and staff to face you and it costs a lot to get the points. You have to give it value, because if we are able to win we will achieve the prize that we all want “.-LUIS SANCHO

Paco lopez

Levante coach Paco López was very satisfied with the moment his team is living and because he is playing against you against rivals like Real Sociedad, against whom he tied on Monday (1-1).

“The team is very good, I always talk about the emotional component and when you see how they believe and the faith they have. The physical aspect is linked to everything. Above all, it is the level of commitment and involvement from everyone and from day one. In this sense, the team continues to protect teams of this level “he explained.

“The best part of the first part is the team's reaction to the goal and in the second half we took a small step forward wanting to push them up or with diagonals, they changed to three central defenders and we still took another step by putting the defense far ahead”he stressed.

“Without the ball the team is improving a lot”, pointed out the Valencian coach, who asked to value the work that the attackers are doing in defense.

“It is a collective issue, it is a fusion of attack and defense. If you are well with the ball, you are better without it.” López said, assuring that his team, despite not risking anything, will give everything in the remaining games and asked that the referees measure them the same.

“I hope that we do not have the feeling that Levante has achieved its objective and that we play against others who have not and that may affect it. I hope and wish that it was not so”said the coach, who insisted that he is a defender of the VAR but admitted not understanding the criteria with which it is sometimes used.

Paco López pointed out that the short preparation time for the next game and the inconvenience of several players, including Sergio Postigo on the hip, will make him make many changes in the eleven.


Llorente (53 ', Martín Zubimendi), Igor Zubeldia (53 ', Odegaard), Ander Barrenetxea (67 ', Oyarzabal), Gonzalo Melero (71 ', Nikola Vukcevic), Roger (71 ', Morales), Hernâni (82 ', Rochina), Robber (82 ', Postigo), Willian José (83 ', Isak), Monreal (83 ', Aihen Muñoz), Sergio Leon (87 ', Mayoral)


0-1, 11 ': Isak, 1-1, 15 ': Morales


Referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez
VAR Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias
Martin Zubimendi (13 ', Yellow) Aritz Elustondo (62 ', Yellow) Nikola Vukcevic (66 ', Yellow) Shutter (89 ', Yellow) Gonzalo Melero (94 ', Yellow