Giuliano. Among the Cholo men of the party in Salzburg that was the name again, Giuliano Simeone. He scored a goal that did not rise to the scoreboard, offside. But it was a great goal, Atlético's only one in the match (1-0), later annulled by the VAR. Two parties, two demands honoring his surname but starting between races, fights and good minutes the 'son of'. No Atlético footballer has taken advantage of the first two duels of the summer like him.

His father had warned him in the interview a week ago with AS. Giuliano is not there for him. Giuliano has reached the first team on his own merits, from what the coaches have been seeing in him since 2019, when he arrived at the Junior Division of Honor. Surrender, claw, do not give a ball for lost. For cholismo, let's go. It is undeniable that it is in his blood. And to the grass.

There is a photo before his disallowed goal that shows it. Because Atlético's game against Salzburg was a duel of giants against boys. They, the Austrians so great, so first team. These, the rojiblancos, so young, so young. But there was Giuliano, who does not know about friendlies (does it sound familiar, right?) He was hitting one of the Salzburg footballers who took him two heads and a few years in the band. That is what his father asks when footballers pass their military service. That, everything, is being given to him by his son. Or, better, Giuliano. Because Cholo does not know of family when he makes an eleven and it is Giuliano who is screaming down his door.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Candidate for '9'

The Atleti looks for '9', a footballer that of rest to Suárez. You may have it in the quarry. He may be here, among these kids who have spent the summer with Cholo, while the first team players fulfilled their international commitments. At the moment, Giuliano is two out of two. The man of the party in Soria and Austria. With assistance … And goal, whatever the VAR says.

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