Daniel Sancho will be able to hug his parents in a month thanks to the Thai queen: all the details of the appointment

Separated by glass and with a telephone to be able to hear each other. So are the visits you receive daniel sancho by his mother, Silvia Bronchalo, for more than ten days. A protocol that applies to all prisoners in Thailand, where only one visa per year is allowed. The one of 2023 already has a date: the next September 30th.

As revealed by the Thai Two Yupa in Public mirror, the queen mother’s birthday is a day marked in red on the calendar of prisoners serving sentences in the country. And it is that on the occasion of her anniversary (on August 12) the Queen Sirikit (91) shows his mercy by allowing prisoners to enjoy a vis a vis in special conditions with their families. Some meetings that will be held on September 30, the day on which Daniel could finally hug his parents.

These meetings are considered a ‘gift’ for inmates who show good behavior in Koh Samui coexistence, so the prison director himself has the last word. In them, inmates may be visited by up to five peoples (from the famous list of authorized) and the meeting would last about two hours. They are allowed to eat together with their family and receive gifts from them.

Daniel would have to request that ‘gift’ and if the director grants it to him, both Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo could hug their son on Koh Samui. A family reunion that other members could join and that would mean an energy boost for all of them, about to face a tough judicial process in which the Thai police request the death penalty for the Spanish chef for the murder of Edwin Arrieta last August 3.

The arrival of Rodolfo Sancho

Daniel Sancho’s father plans to travel to Thailand at the end of this week or the beginning of the next. He has been in Spain taking care of various procedures related to his son’s situation, including the rental of a house where the family will stay that will travel to Koh Samui in the coming months to visit Daniel and support him in the judicial process.