Georgina and Paula Echevarría, among others, show their support for Ana Obregón: “Your princess is very lucky”

There are many who criticize the decision of Ana Obregon of becoming a mother at the age of 68 thanks to surrogacy. Luckily for her, there are also many who support her and have sent her all of her support and love. For example, Georgina Rodriguezwho also has three children (Cristiano Jr., Eva and Mateo) who came into the world through a surrogate: “Congratulations. Your princess is very lucky to have a mother like you. I wish you a life full of light and love.”

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The Netflix star has left that nice comment on Ana Obregón’s Instagram wall, but she has not been the only one. Paula Echevarria also: “Congratulations dear Ana, I’m sure that good LOVE will not be lacking for either of you”.

The stylist Fiona Ferrer He has shown his affection with a brief “Huge kiss, my Ana”, as well as Feliciano Lopezwho has left two emojis: two hearts. Irene Rosales, Tamara Gorro o Alba Carrillo They have given it their ‘likes’.