Jorge Javier, relentless against Ana Obregón: “We are talking about children, not bags”

Mediaset’s flagship program has dedicated its entire rundown to the topic of the day: the surrogacy of Ana Obregonwhich has made her the mother of a girl at the age of 68. javier javierat the head of the round table, has been in favor of the technique known as surrogacy (illegal in Spain) but not with the age at which the actress has decided to apply it: “I try to have an open mind but, Call me crazy, at 70 years old is not the right age to be a mother, and I don’t care if it’s Ana Obregón or if it’s a man.”

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The one from Badalona doubts the true motivation of Ana Obregón for having taken such an important step: “If your son hadn’t passed away, would you have considered becoming a mother at 70? I am open to listening to all kinds of hypotheses, but let’s not commune with treadmills. It is clear that this lady is not managing grief well “. And she added:” Just because she can be a mother at 70 does not mean that she will, she has to sit down and think about the future. What will happen in 10 years? We’re talking about having a child, not a bag.”.

And has offered a heated speech when Belén Esteban, defending Obregón’s position, has assured that the girl’s future will be well tied, both economically and family level: “If they bring me into the world I want to have my father and mother to enjoy them all the time in the world, and I don’t care about cousins ​​or money, I want to have my mother! They say that this girl will not lack for anything. Damn, she’s going to miss her mother!“, said Jorge Javier.