Sevilla announces the partial closure of Sánchez Pizjuán due to a 2017 sanction


Sevilla FC has announced this Wednesday that, after exhausting all possible appeals, it will have to comply with the closure sanction of sectors N11 and N12 for a match issued by the RFEF Competition Committee in the 2016/17 season , for “proffering insults and choral chants” in the Copa del Rey match played on January 12, 2017 against Real Madrid.

“Sevilla FC has exhausted all avenues of appeal to try to stop the partial closure, including the Supreme Court, with which it was punished for the row against Sergio Ramos in a Cup match against Real Madrid,” said the Seville club. it’s a statement.

In this way, these sectors of the lower tier of Gol Norte, located just behind the goal, will not host fans in the next league match in Nervión, next Good Friday against RC Celta. The club will return to the members who have the subscription in those sectors the amount that corresponds to a match, estimated at 15 euros.

After presenting allegations of said sanction to the Competition Committee itself and, later to the Appeals Committee in March 2017, the adoption of precautionary measures to suspend the sanction requested in order to defend himself was initially accepted. In April 2017, the Appeals Committee ruled dismissing the appeal and annulled the precautionary suspension, so the club decided to appeal to the TAD, which again granted the precautionary suspension and in April partially upheld the appeal, although it maintained the sanction of partial closure.

It is then that the club went to the Contentious-Administrative Court, once again requesting a precautionary measure to suspend the sanction. The Central Court ruled in September 2018, maintaining the partial closure sanction, but annulling the pecuniary sanction of 6,001 euros, before which the club filed an appeal before the National Court, which dismissed it in March 2021, reimposing its once the pecuniary penalty. The club filed, as a last resort, an appeal before the Supreme Court, which finally agreed to reject the appeal for processing.

In this way, the sole judge of the Competition Committee ordered Sevilla FC in writing to comply with the aforementioned sanction of partial closure of the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán that affects sectors N11 and N12. The club will contact the subscribers of both sectors, about 600, to explain how the refund will be made.