Gabriela Guillén shows off her belly in a bikini and still dreams of getting Bertín back in her sixth month of pregnancy

The sentimental life of Bertin Osborne It has taken so many turns in recent months that its story is worthy of the best Latin soap operas. The new chapter of this soap opera stars Gabriela Guillén, who appears this Tuesday on the cover of a weekly newspaper showing off her belly on the beach. The Colombian is already in her sixth month of pregnancy.

Magazine Week Not only does it feature Gabriela’s image on its cover, but it also says that Guillén has not lost hope of getting Bertín back. The presenter already said publicly that he would take care of the needs of the baby who is on the way, but for the moment nothing more. However, according to the weekly, Gabriela trusts that the child will come into the world with its parents together and united.

On the set of Sonsoles Ónega on Antena 3 they have hinted that the Colombian, who a few days ago went to the hospital without Bertín due to severe abdominal pain, could be behind this photo that the magazine now features on its cover.

It must be remembered that about a week ago she went to the ranchera presenter’s house and rumors of a possible reconciliation surfaced. However, Gabriela does not go into details: “I don’t know what Bertín might have said, but right now I’m not going to talk. I’m very angry and tired of everything. Soon everything will be clarified. A lot of lies,” she said this Tuesday. after being surprised by fellow reporters.

This Monday, Antonio Rossi said on Telecinco: “She went to Bertín’s house, but he was not at home. There was no appointment, there was no meeting. She went to his house because she thought he was going to be there. She went to take him the ultrasounds and to tell her something personal about the baby that is on the way.

The journalist stated: “He had left due to a family issue with his father and was not at home (…) Gabriela Guillén assumed that Bertín was going to be at home and, when he arrived, he was not there. She rang the doorbell and answered. return because there was no meeting. Since the pregnancy was announced, there have been no meetings. Yes, there have been calls and messages (…) Bertín’s friends are more aware of her than Bertín himself.”

As for Bertín, Gabriela Guillén’s pregnancy has also been joined in recent months and weeks by statements from Chabeli Navarro and the singer Anna. The first had an abortion and the second confessed to having had a fifteen-year relationship with him, coinciding with the period in which he was married to Fabiola Martinez.