Leticia Sabater takes out her nails for Aitana after criticism for her sensual dances: “I was also the queen of children”

Aitana Ocaña has raised a lot of controversy on networks and social gatherings after the start of his new tour, Alpha Tour, this weekend in Valencia. The former triumph, with her new work, has presented more sensual songs and dances on stage, which have bothered part of her audience.

Especially the fathers and mothers who accompanied their young children to the show. Patricia Pardo he blurted out this Tuesday in We’ll see: “I was not at the concert, but my daughters were (…) I would not like my five-year-old daughter to reproduce that type of dance on the carpet of my house. This is not pornography, but hypersexualization of childhood, yes. It is one thing for a person of legal age or a 16-year-old boy or girl to consume it, but for me, in a childhood phase this is not advisable. I don’t like it.”

Leticia Sabateron the other hand, has become one of his unexpected defenders (or not) and has left a message on X to support the interpreter of Butterflies: “All my support for Aitana. A very brave aunt who is receiving unfortunate criticism that she does not deserve. Pornography? Are we crazy? Honey, I understand you so, so well.”

The actress added: “I myself have experienced the same thing as you when I went from being the queen of children to leaving everyone in shock with Mr. Policeman. But it is natural evolution, an artist must know when to change and grow and be faithful to herself.”

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The singer has also compared herself to Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus: “I did it, Britney, Miley have done it and now you, Aitana. Let us not forget. Parents are responsible for what their children should see, not You. Some advice, I know a lot about this, let the haters sweat you. A big kiss, you are the fucking mistress,” he stated.

Despite the uproar, it should be noted that the controversy arose after an ironic tweet from a user who calls herself Karen McCluskey.

“Well, I was just at that concert with my 7-year-old daughter and we had to leave there, as did many parents with their children. We were expecting a family concert for the children. I hope Aitana apologizes for this pornographic performance.” , said Internet user wrote in a sarcastic tone.