From King Felipe VI to Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló: all the guests at the Telefónica party

The company turned 100 years old and celebrated this Friday at a gala at the Teatro Real presided over by King Felipe VI, who had landed a few hours earlier in Madrid after his state trip to the Netherlands. Among all the guests, about 1,100, prominent personalities from the world of politics, such as Felipe Gonzalez, José María Aznar y Ana Botella o Cristina Cifuenteswho have chosen jacket suits in different shades of white for such a sophisticated event.

Among other well-known faces, the businessman Rosauro Varohusband of the actress Amaia Salamanca and advisor to Movistar+, as well as the tennis player Rafael Nadalimage of the company, who attended accompanied by his wife, Mery Perellówho has opted for straight-cut pants and a matching black&white printed blouse.

They all chatted animatedly with José María Álvarez-Palletepresident of the Telefónica Group, who has had a special memory for his predecessor, César Alierta, who died on January 10.

The Peruvian lyrical tenor Juan Diego Flórez, the violinist María Dueñas, the Chinese pianist Lang Lang and the dancer Sara Baras have enlivened the evening with a show inspired by the exchange and interconnection between musical schools and the mixing of genres that has lasted two hours.