Froilán was not the only one: the Urdangarins gave their all at a private party after Leonor’s birthday

Some card the wool and others carry the fame. The Marichalar brothers have earned the position of the most partying grandchildren of Zarzuela but the truth is that they are not the only ones. Froilán combined Leonor’s birthday with a Halloween party and her cousins ​​Urdangarin followed suit.

Irene and Miguel They left El Pardo and headed to a famous fashionable nightclub in the center of Madrid. They entered a booth where a group of eight friends were waiting for them, with whom they had fun until well into the early hours of the morning. The third son of the Infanta Cristinawho studies Marine Sciences in London, even delighted those present with a dance on the sofa, as shown in the images broadcast on TardeAR.

The little one of the clan was more restrained, very well accompanied by a young man who kept an eye on her all night. Irene did not change her clothes but she did want to take part in Halloween night and put makeup on her face like a skull. Witnesses claim that she even made a video call to her cousin Victoria Federicatraveling in Peru, to show you the atmosphere of the place.