Davies ties the fifth for Valencia Basket

Davies ties the fifth for Valencia Basket

The ‘taronja’ team beats Alba Berlin with a final blow and equals its best start in the Euroleague


Valencia Basket won (79-71) this Thursday against Alba Berlin in the sixth day of the Euroleague held in La Fonteta, a very even duel until Brandon Davies tipped the balance in the last minutes.

Álex Mumbrú’s men equaled the ‘Taronja’ club’s best historical start in the Euroleague (5-1) without missing out on a well-worked game, with moments of great basketball in both attack and defense. All in all, Alba, a team in progress, had it in their hands, but Valencia showed that they were maturing in giant steps.

Davies was the one in the last possessions, eating up the German ring to seal the local victory. The defense was once again forceful in the important moments, while Semi Ojeleye (19 points) was the top scorer in another great performance by Mumbrú’s team, with Chris Jones, Stefan Jovic and Jared Harper also outstanding.

The match was in the trenches at the beginning and that is how it ended, without a difference greater than six points until Valencia broke the match with Davies a minute and a half from the end. There were few baskets in the first quarter, with a poor percentage of success saved by Ojeleye and Olinde on each team (15-14).

Matt Thomas was the one who encouraged the Germans, but Jones also had his moment for the locals. After the break, Israel González’s team returned to the Valencian court better, but Mumbrú’s team gradually recovered that feeling of balance, with a physical defense and a choral attack. Valencia moved the ball well and with Jovic and Harper achieved a first cushion (55-49).

Koumadje’s injury and the stoppage of play cooled what seemed like the orange blow to the match, and a couple of Brown’s triples threatened the local chances in the final quarter. Then, the ‘taronja’ wall began to work while an ‘All Star’-style Davies burst into attack, making those defenses good so that Valencia continues on the crest of the wave.


–RESULT: VALENCIA BASKET, 79 – ALBA BERLIN, 71. (41-39, at halftime).


VALENCIA BASKET: Jones (10), Robertson (-), Ojeleye (19), Reuvers (5) and Toure (2) –starting quintet–; Puerto (4), Ferrando (-), Pradilla (2), Harper (11), Inglis (6), Jovic (6), Davies (14).

DAWN BERLIN: Sapgnolo (2), Brown (19), Nikic (-), Olinde (10) and Thiemann (8) — starting quintet–; Koumadje (-), Bean (4), Schneider (3), Procida (5), Delow (4) and Thomas (16).

–PARTIALS: 15-14, 26-25, 15-15, 23-17.

–REFEREES: Hordov, Vyclycky and Udyanskyy. No eliminated.

–PAVILLION: San Luis Fountain.