Six days after the decisive second leg match of the Champions League against Manchester City (Friday 7, 21:00, Movistar Champions League), Florentino Pérez visited the first team squad this morning in Valdebebas. The president of Real Madrid, dressed at all times with a mask, has greeted one by one all the players on the squad and he wished them luck for the Etihad game. The maximum white president has been seen to converse with the coach, Zinedine Zidane, and with several members of the team, including Ramos, Marcelo, Benzema and Modric.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

During Pérez's visit, the players wore the new full kits, some the first shirt and others the new pink second kit.

It is the second time that the President visits the players in Ciudad Real Madrid since they returned to work.. The previous meeting of these characteristics occurred on May 21, when he also greeted the components of the basketball team, which were then preparing for the final phase of the ACB.

Compared to that, this time a closer Florentino Pérez has been seen with the players, since in the context of that occasion the team was in a phase in which training was not yet fully collective and the president was seen keeping the stricter social distancing rules then supported by clubs. From that conspiracy came the comeback in the League. Now play the Champions League.

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