Pedro Fernández, one of the most important footballers in the history of Granada, has died at 74 years of age. Born in Concepción (Paraguay) in 1946, Fernández came to Spain in the 1966-67 season to play for Barcelona, but he could not do so in two of the three seasons he was in because, given his status as a foreigner, the legislation in force in those years did not allow it. He could only participate in the third campaign in eight games when he obtained Spanish nationality. Then he went to Granada where he lived his golden age and a glorious stage of this team with which he played 170 games in the First Division. In addition, he is still the player not born in Spain with the most encounters with Granada. 227.

Fernández was a tough defender but with security, nobility and verve. Formed with Aguirre Suarez one of the most effective and feared pairs by rival forwards of those years. His name was always associated with a harsh entry about Amancio during a match against Real Madrid on June 8, 1974, the Cup quarterfinals played in Los Cármenes. Fernández would be sanctioned with 15 games and that action went down in history. Both had old quarrels because three years ago Amancio nailed him the tacos. “Amancio never forgave me ”, he declared in an interview with El País.

Granada Shield / Flag

Fernández was adored by the Granada fans because he was one of the strongholds in a team that was almost impregnable in their stadium. A cycle highly remembered for the two sixth places obtained and with recognizable players. Izcoa, Falito, Fernández, Aguirre Suárez, Toni, Castellanos, Jaen, Chirri, Montero Castillo, Porta, Quiles, Dueñas, Vicente, etc, and coaches such as Joseito or Pasieguito. Granada was one of the most complicated visits for the big teams of those times.

Such was Fernández's identification with Granada that no one moved him from this city and from his beloved neighborhood of Zaidín.. “We were a good Granada, with a very united team. Everyone worked there. The key was the friendship we all had. We all stayed after the games, we went with the family, with the children, we ate together ”, he commented in the aforementioned interview with El País. A little over a year ago, he underwent heart surgery and already had mobility difficulties due to hip problems. Until then he played sports and led a normal life, appreciated by all. This Saturday the club announced his death. A blow to all of Granada. Rest in peace.

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