Felipe VI leaves the bullfighting to his sister Elena: the King will not preside over the Charity bullfight

The infanta has not been part of the Royal Family since Felipe and Letizia They are kings but they cover specific events whenever their brother needs them. This will be the case on June 9 in the Las Ventas bullring, where the Charity bullfight will take place, one of the most important of the San Isidro Festival. Zarzuela announced this Friday that the monarch will leave and will be Mrs. Elena, a great bullfighting fan, was in charge of replacing him. On the poster, the right-handers Morante de la Puebla (44), Sebastián Castella (41) and Fernando Adrián. Yes, we will be able to see him in the arena four days before, on June 5, to preside over the Press parade from one of the stands, as is tradition.

The presence of the king at the bullfights is not common (Letizia’s, with a couple of exceptions while she is still a princess, is non-existent) but he strives to have details with the businessmen of the world. Since his proclamation in 2014, Don Felipe has attended Las Ventas eight times to enjoy a bullfighting afternoon and has been received with cheers and applause by the more than 20,000 fans that the plaza hosts. “It is a source of pride for all fans. It demonstrates the support of the Royal Family for bullfighting, not only of King Juan Carlos, but also of Felipe VI, who fully supports bullfighting,” said Rafael García Garrido, one of the bullfighters, a few years ago. of the businessmen who manage the Madrid arena.

King Felipe has not inherited his father’s passion for the national holiday, a hobby that he did transmit to Doña Elena and she, in turn, to her children, Froilán and Victoria Federica. They are regulars in Las Ventas: last Wednesday, without going any further, we were able to see the infanta in the company of some friends while her first-born son enjoyed the afternoon’s work with Belén Perea. Vic has even found love in the ring: she had a romantic relationship with the bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero and also with the bullfighter Roca Rey, whom he came to accompany on his Peruvian tour.