Julian Brandt: “Real Madrid is the greatest in the Champions League, but we believe and we are going to show it”


Borussia Dortmund midfielder Julian Brandt wanted to make it clear that the German team does not feel intimidated despite the fact that there is “nothing bigger” than Real Madrid in the Champions League, and they will show that they believe and are “prepared” to win the final this Saturday at Wembley.

“Real Madrid is the definitive rival as it has shown against many teams, there is nothing bigger in the Champions League than Real Madrid, with its history, but if we did not believe that we could win we would have stayed in Dortmund. We believe in our possibilities and We are going to demonstrate them tomorrow,” he said in the previous press conference.

The German midfielder explained his team’s preparation during these last two weeks without games. “We had our last game two weeks ago but I don’t think it is a problem nor does it make a difference. We have trained hard and with intensity and we are well prepared,” he noted.

Furthermore, Brandt was asked about Toni Kroos and Marco Reus, who say goodbye to Madrid and Dortmund with a Champions League final. “Kroos is an exceptional player. He has left an incredible legacy as a German player, with that many games, with many titles, he is an idol for the way he plays football and a sensational guy too. Reus helped me, inspired me as a player in this club when I was a child, he was my model, and it still seems incredible to me to play and train with him,” he commented.

Brandt insisted on his team’s confidence in their chances of winning the Champions League and highlighted a unique opportunity. “Our Champions League season gives us encouragement, now we have the final left and we have maximum faith. We try to be calm even though everything is very big right now, you can’t ignore it. It’s normal to be excited, but we try to take it like another game,” he claimed.

“Despite all the pressure, we have to enjoy the game. It couldn’t be better, playing a final against the best possible rivals, in one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world. You can rarely experience this, maybe once in your life,” he concluded, while ensuring that they have hardly had any contact with their former teammate Jude Bellingham, now at Madrid, since they are “concentrated” on their work.