Felipe VI and Letizia, walk in the rain at the iconic Brandenburg Gate

Photo of the Kings in a romantic setting. Berlin in autumn, a rainy morning and a walk through the Brandenburg Gate, emblem of the German capital. Philip VI y Letizia, after attending their respective agenda events marked in the travel program, they met in the Plaza de París where they starred in the official photograph of the day. It was this Tuesday, October 18.

Minutes before the posado, the Kings have visited the City Hall of the city. Doña Letizia has reissued her minimal dress by Moisés Nieto in fuchsia pink, which she has combined with the camel coat. For the walk and the portrait in front of the monument, both have sheltered from the rain with umbrellas.

The Brandenburg Gate, which marks the end of the Unter den Linden boulevard and the beginning of the Tiergarten Park, became a symbol of reunified Berlin and of peace when the wall fell on November 9, 1989. The neoclassical monument, al style of the Acropolis of Athens, it is 26 meters high and 65 wide.

This afternoon the King and Queen are scheduled to travel to Frankfurt, where they are going to attend the inauguration of the prestigious Book Fair, which this year pays tribute to Spain.