Olga Moreno wins Rocío Carrasco’s pulse: Antonio David’s ex will not go to jail for revealing secrets

Olga Morenowhich this Monday reappeared with Anna Quintana to talk of Antonio David Flores y Augustine Etiennehas won a battle against Rocio Carrasco. It must be remembered that the daughter of The Greatest sued her for revealing secrets in 2021, before the famous docuseries.

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Now, Rociito has not emerged victorious from this judicial dispute, since the Provincial Court of Madrid has filed his lawsuit against Olga, as he anticipates this Tuesday it’s daily. The Court number 42 of Madrid determines that the accusations do not constitute a crime.

The controversy dates back to 2019. Olga opened a letter that came in the name of Antonio David when he was participating in GH VIP. In it, the Tax Agency of the Community of Madrid warned him “that the money that he is going to collect during the contest is not used to pay for pending economic matters with Rocío Carrasco.”

When opening the envelope, Rocío considered that Olga violated her rights by accessing the content of a letter that was not in her name and that contained information about her person. Rociito asked for five years in prison for her.

Rocío Jurado’s daughter also filed a complaint against Bethlehem Esteban for having announced live the details of his debt with the Tax Agency of the Community of Madrid, the amount of which would amount to more than one million euros. At that time, the collaborator had a good relationship with Olga.

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However, now it is Rocío and Belén who have a good relationship, since the town’s princess took her side after her accusations of mistreatment of Antonio David. For her, Carrasco requested in the complaint a fine of 36,000 euros, according to the same newspaper, and another compensation of 80,000 that Jesulín’s ex would have had to pay jointly with Olga Moreno.