Felipe holds Letizia in their last official pose in Amsterdam: the commented gesture of love of the kings

The Spanish monarchs have closed their official trip to the Netherlands with a visit to the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam, where they have inaugurated an exhibition on ten Spanish and Dutch muralists. The appointment, again, required them to walk and stand for a while, something that Mrs. Letizia He has had problems in recent hours due to the condition he suffers from in his left foot, a Morton’s neuroma, which causes him intense pain. If this Wednesday she used a stool to rest during the royal hand kiss at the Gala Dinner, this Thursday she had a very special ‘cane’: her husband.

During the official posing, the king philip He supported the queen by putting his arm behind her waist. A protective gesture that helped Letizia maintain stability and shift the weight of her body onto her right foot, the ‘good’ foot, in order to minimize the pain caused by Morton’s neuroma, a condition that consists of irritation of the nerve in the toes, caused by excessive use of heels.

Doña Letizia revealed that she suffered from this condition in 2022, during a press conference after an event. Experts say that it produces intense pain and the sensation of stepping on a stone, as well as burning and stinging. Since then, the queen has reduced her use of high heels and has relied on kitten heels, which are much more comfortable. We have even been able to see her on several occasions wearing completely flat shoes or sandals.

The last act of this Thursday has closed the official state trip that began last Tuesday night in Amsterdam, the first of the kings in 2024. Two days full of activities in which both kings Philip and William and their consorts Letizia and Máxima have once again demonstrated the great harmony that exists between both families. A friendship that has spanned more than a decade and was strengthened when the Spanish welcomed and protected the Dutch heiress in Madrid, the Princess Amalia, who settled in the capital after receiving threats in his country. After this act, Felipe and Letizia will return to Spain. They will land in Madrid on the same Thursday night.