Carmen Borrego’s daughter-in-law is left on the street: Paola Olmedo’s latest drama

New problems for the manicurist. Upon his separation from José María Almoguera and the controversy between them and their mother-in-law is now joined by a new front: their landlord does not renew their contract. Paola Olmedo He lives for rent in a private urbanization (the same one that his son abandoned). Carmen Borrego a little over a month ago) and now they must look for a new home. A very complicated task for a small businesswoman with three children in her care.

According to TardeAR, this is an unexpected setback for Paola that has left her very touched. It is not the best time to look for a new house, not only because of the very high rental prices in the capital but also because of the personal situation that she is currently going through. They assure that there has not been any type of problem between Carmen Borrego’s daughter-in-law and her landlord, only complaints from neighbors about the amount of press that has gathered at the gates of the development in recent days. The owner’s reasons for not renewing his contract with Paola would be strictly personal (perhaps he wants to sell the apartment, live in it, leave it to a relative…) since both she and Jose María were exemplary tenants.

Their separation, on the other hand, continues. Despite the theories that suggested that everything could have been a setup to get quick money, the truth is that Almoguera continues to live in the center of Madrid with that close friend who has given him shelter at this delicate moment. The relationship with his mother continues to be non-existent despite the fact that they coincide every day on the program This is life: she as a talk show host and he as a member of the technical team. During these days, Carmen has responded one by one to all the accusations that her son and Paola poured out on her in the press and although she is still very hurt, she leaves her door open to a rapprochement and reconciliation.