Shakira’s last big hit (and this time it’s not against Piqué): her songs change ownership

The separation of Gerard Piqué, the move to Miami, the new album… The singer has been chaining changes in her life for months and the year 2024 promises to continue in the same vein. At least, in the workplace. And the music rights investment group Hipgnosis, which Shakira sold all of his songs in 2021, has reached an agreement with his rival group, Concord Chorus, to purchase it for $1.4 billion.

That is, the Colombian songs change owners. Shakira at the time gave up the rights to 145 songs, including Barefoot, Hips Don’t Lie, Luck and the very famous Waka Waka that animated the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. His catalogue, however, is not the only one that includes the purchase of Hipgnosis: Blondie and Neil Young also stand out among his client portfolio. The company’s acquisition values ​​each share at 93 pence, almost a third above the group’s closing price on Wednesday, according to Financial Times. The business move, in principle, benefits everyone, since the future of Hipgnosis was up in the air and, with it, that of Shakira and company.

Coincidence or not, this new business ‘great deal’ from Shakira coincides with the rumors that suggest that Piqué’s ex has a special friendship with the producer Rafael Arcute, one of the most prominent in the industry. He is Argentine, he is 44 years old and he could be a magnificent musical and financial advisor. He fell madly in love with the Colombian the first time he worked with her: “He has been following her for years, but he has waited for her relationship with Piqué to end. He has traveled on several occasions to help her on productions. She is leaving him little by little. let it enter your heart. What they have told me in recent days is that Shakira would be accepting to take another step,” they say from the Latin channel ‘Chisme No Like’. (In the image, Rafa appears to the right of Shakira).

Shakira, in figures

At 47 years old, the one from Barranquilla has become the best-selling Latin artist of all time, with 80 million records worldwide, which makes her a hottie for any music agency. During 2023, in addition, she broke all records with the already known as ‘Revenge Triad’, the three songs that she dedicated to Piqué after their separation and that placed her at the top of the charts. For example, the Session 53 With Bizarrap, the most poisonous dart against the father of her children, she achieved 67 million views on YouTube in just 48 hours, which translates into profits of 200,000 euros, according to experts. According to the magazine Forbes, the song with Bizarrap has earned him just over 323,000 euros on YouTube and 2,395,000 million euros on Spotify. And going up, since the money increases for each play. Your theme Congratulationstogether with Rauw Alejandro, raised more than 12.5 million euros, and with Monotony, together with Ozuna, earned more than 4.5 million euros. The ‘Triad of Revenge’ has earned the Colombian artist more than 20 million dollars.

In 30 years of musical career, Shakira has amassed a fortune that exceeds 400 million dollars, among which are several luxurious homes in various parts of the world (the two homes he shares with Gerard Piqué in Barcelona, ​​a house in Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, or his spectacular mansion in Florida (Miami), for which he paid 11 .6 million euros). You already know: women no longer cry, women make money.