FASFE points out that Rubiales “must resign” for his “unacceptable performance” in kissing Jenni Hermoso without permission


The Federation of Shareholders and Members of Spanish Football (FASFE) has indicated this Tuesday that the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, “must resign” for his “unacceptable performance” by kissing the player without permission Jenni Hermoso, during the celebrations of the national team after being proclaimed champion of the Women’s World Cup last Sunday in Sydney (Australia).

“After letting the celebrations pass, from FASFE we see ourselves in the obligation to demonstrate before the unacceptable performance of the president of the RFEF after the final in which our athletes led us to glory”, he indicated in his press release, praising footballers “who against all odds have fought over the years to reach the highest level that any athlete can imagine” and who will “inspire thousands of girls”.

“We believe that the behavior of the top leader of our football in abusing Jennifer Hermoso, one of the footballers who have made us world champions, is totally intolerable. We also believe that her obscene gestures in the box at the end of the game constitute improper conduct for a leader who gives a lamentable image of our federation and, by extension, of our football”, the note added.

In this sense, FASFE has “deeply regretted that at the best moment of our women’s football, the most macho and retrograde uses of some leaders anchored in the past remind us again of how backward our football and its government structures are in the fight for equality between men and women.

“We do not know the disciplinary or even criminal scope that these events may have, but regardless of this, we believe that Luis Rubiales cannot continue directing and representing our football for another minute,” the press text stressed.

“Because our football has overwhelmed him, our football is millions of people who practice it and follow it from the stands and, as in the rest of the social spheres, we neither want nor will we tolerate anyone being discriminated against or mistreated because of their gender or for any other reason”, FASFE concluded.